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Helps making routing tasks fast, formalized and economically efficient

Medical service Pre-approval

Daily medical experts of insurance companies are facing tons of requests from clinics or insureds for medical service approval.

We understand that different training levels of specialists, as well as non-standardized data, provoke errors and low efficiency.

Thus, we have a solution which helps Insurers to reduce errors and time for request processing.



AI-SOFTWARE FOR medical service approval
Resource intensive process
Large proportion of unnecessary approvals
Non-transparent / unsynchronized decision making

Featuring effects

• Reducing the time for working out 1 call
• Possible reduction of requirements for the employees of the Coordination Line
• Faster bringing new employees to efficiency
time reduction
• Elimination of erroneous approvals
• Harmonization of standards for approvals
errors reduction
• Acceleration of approval process
• Identical and transparent solutions

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We’ve been given a dataset for 2 months period of medical services reimbursed by one of the big Health Insurers.

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