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170 bn USD

wasted by Health insurers due to inefficient cost structure and excessive payouts

With over 20 years of experience in Health Insurers we perfectly understand operational processes, feel the bottlenecks and feel the importance of P&L.

Thus, we are developing solutions to support Insurance companies long the whole operational cycle.

Solutions for Health Insurers

Medical service pre-approval
Health underwriting
Helps to accelerate and standardize approval process, decrease operational costs and avoid mistakes
AI solution based on 40+ factors to increase profitability of medical insurance. Accuracy rate 95%

Our products

20% cost cutting while processing tenders with machine learning algorithms
Tender process automation
Deductible processing
Bills recognition
20% budget savings for clients, self-check of medical services and quality
80% decrease at bills processing. Linked to overtreatment products
Medical overtreatment detection
Helps working through excessive claims via machine learning solution to reduce claims payouts up to 4.5%

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Our team consists of brilliant IT developers and programmers backed by experts from medical and insurance industries.

We are here to support you with operational processes assessment, increasing efficiency of the chosen product, consulting and advising better steps for further efficiency.

Our projects are easy to test, and we welcome insurance players on board.

It’s not just about the technology.

We’ve been given a dataset for 2 months period of medical services reimbursed by one of the big Health Insurers.

Case study

Romania Business case
How do you feel about big data?
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