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Mains Lab is a young and ambitious company striving to make the insurance industry a better place.

... with ambitions and restless brains of our development team

We combine long standing expertise and strategical view of our Founders & Advisors...

Our team


Qualified IT Developers
Medical Experts
Motor Experts
Experienced Team Leads


Mains Lab is a focused AI developer for Health and Mobility. By inventing plug-and-play solutions we help insurance companies, manufacturers, fleet owners, carsharing, banks and leasing companies to build efficient and error-free processes.

Insurers increase straight-through processing, minimize operational costs, and avoid inaccuracies. All of which enhances overall efficiency and customer experience.

Our products

Helps to accelerate and
standardize approval process,
decrease operational costs and
avoid mistakes
Medical service pre-approval
Helps working through excessive claims via machine learning solution to reduce claims payouts up to 4.5%
Medical overtreatment detection
AI solution based on 40+ factors to increase profitability of medical insurance
Health underwriting
For motor insurance to avoid errors, cut the costs and achieve faster payouts with accuracy rate of 98%
Car damage calculation