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Mains Lab is a young and ambitious company striving to make the insurance industry a better place.

... with ambitions and restless brains of our development team

We combine long standing expertise and strategical view of our Founders & Advisors...

Our team

Non-executive Chairman

Nick Frei

Graduated from EPFL in Switzerland and INSEAD in France, Nikolaus has a background of McKinsey and Company, and Willis International Holdings. He occupied CEO positions in Insurance companies with various geography from Kuwait to Russia, becoming one the key figures for Allianz Group in the Region.

CEO, Co-founder

Yury Kuvshinov

Yury has over 15 years of experience in Insurance, most of which he spend in Health (medical) insurance managing operational processes, claims and working with clinics. He was one of the brightest COO of Allianz in European region.


Anatoly Starostin

Experienced IT developer and manager. Was one of leading programmers of Compreno natural language processing technology by ABBYY. He was one of the leading developers of the voice assistant Alice (Yandex company) and continues focusing on data analysis and processing of media content (music, movies, podcast) for Yandex Media Services.

CSO, Co-founder

Sergey Khudyakov

Over 20 years experience in Insurance working with largest International companies. Ex CSO of Allianz in Russia. Geographic and sectoral diversification of the client portfolio allows Sergey to perfectly sense market trends and client sentiments, conduct benchmarking and provide professional advice on the largest and most complex risks.

CMO, Co-founder

Pavel Ozerov

Pavel is an insurance expert in love with AI technologies. Experienced in various areas of the financial market (banking, life and p&с insurance). Graduated from Touro College New York, he started his first business at the age of 22. Had a great career in Financial sector at Citibank, AIG and Allianz where became the youngest CMO.

Partner at Mains Laboratory

Stig Jensen

Stig is a Senior executive with global experience in Corporate Financial Services. He help us a lot in building trusted relations with Insurers looking into business model and technological transformation.

Successful track record after having setup 3 "greenfield" operations for global companies (Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, HDI-Gerling) and turned them into high performance mature organizations based on a diverse workforce, trust, loyalty, relationship with clients and brokers, deep marked knowledge and a strong corporate culture.

Extensive knowledge of the industry and close clients relationship especially within Europe including Russia/CIS/CEE countries & Turkey.

Involved in InsurTech (e-commerce, AI, Blockchain) companies and especially digital distribution platforms with a global reach.

Master of Business Administration (MBA, UK), Change Management (IMD), Advanced Management Program (INSEAD), Insurance (Danish Insurance Academy).


Qualified IT Developers
Medical Experts
Motor Experts
Experienced Team Leads


Mains Lab is a focused AI developer for Health and Mobility. By inventing plug-and-play solutions we help insurance companies, manufacturers, fleet owners, carsharing, banks and leasing companies to build efficient and error-free processes.

Insurers increase straight-through processing, minimize operational costs, and avoid inaccuracies. All of which enhances overall efficiency and customer experience.

Our products

Helps to accelerate and
standardize approval process,
decrease operational costs and
avoid mistakes
Medical service pre-approval
Helps working through excessive claims via machine learning solution to reduce claims payouts up to 4.5%
Medical overtreatment detection
AI solution based on 40+ factors to increase profitability of medical insurance
Health underwriting
For motor insurance to avoid errors, cut the costs and achieve faster payouts with accuracy rate of 98%
Car damage calculation