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Helping healthcare providers succeed in a rapidly-changing world

With rapidly changing environment and technological progress, with the challenges of the new era Medicine, thought conservative, becomes one of the fast-changing industry.

To help clinicians and administrators follow latest standards and protocols, avoid errors and increase the efficiency we developed a clinical recommendations assistant software.

Solutions for clinics

Everyday millions of people in every country receive medical help. Usually, a treatment process goes along with international and local medical standards and according to the rules of Insurance company. In some cases, doctors and clinics deviate from these standards based on personal experience, judgment or human error.

Mains Lab helps efficiently surface relevant data from the latest evidence-based medical literature – leading to informed decisions and better care experiences.

Why ClinRec by Mains Lab

Facilitate personalized, evidence-based care – potentially leading to greater patient satisfaction
Better care experience
Medical standards and Insurance based decision making to eliminate disputes and justify medical cases
Confident decision making
Helps to accelerate and standardize care process and avoid mistakes. Good helper for young specialists
Greater efficiency

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We’ve been for a long time an AI solution for health insurers, but now we are featuring medical helper for clinicians worldwide. ClinRec by Mains Lab formulates medical cases based on previous services and presumptive diagnosis and highlights excessive or missing services according to international and local medical guidelines providing a link to a relevant standards description regularly curated by clinical professionals including clinical content for specialty population.

ClinRec by Mains Lab helps to rethink outpatient workflow, standardize quality and increase efficiency of clinicians and clinics.

We’ve been given a dataset for 2 months period of medical services reimbursed by one of the big Health Insurers.

Case study

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